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Museums, castles and churches

Museums, castles and churches

Webstuhl Ortsmuseum Zorten

Museum Vaz local

The Vaz local museum will display the life and work of the original peasant population from the early 20th Century as well as the development of tourism up to the creation of the world-famous resort of Lenzerheide-Valbella. The collection includes folklore, agriculture, crafts, church history, sports and tourism, a fully equipped blacksmith and wheelwright from Muldain, mill from Zorten, a weavery with a weaving loom from Lain which is still being worked on today, a Maiensäss (mountain pasture hut) kitchen and numerous other objects.

Sala Parpan
The adjoining «Sala Parpan» gallery exhibits sculptures by Ferdinand Parpan, honorary citizen of Vaz / Obervaz. Here you can also view works by local artists from different disciplines during special exhibitions held annually.

New opening hours
Open from end of December until Easter and end of June until October. Always on Wednesday and Thursday as wells as on the last Sunday of the month from 01.30 - 05.00 pm.

Group offers
Guidances for groups during and beyond the official opening hours possible. Advanced booking is needed.
P +41 81 384 22 29 or M +41 79 202 57 75

Museum of Barons of Vaz In Brienz

The small museum “The Free Lords of Vaz” in Brienz/ Brinzauls is of significant historic significance, and provides an insight into the lifestyle habits of past generations. At the end of the 13th century and the early 14th century, the Free Lords of Vaz were the most powerful noble family in Oberätien, i.e. what is now known as Graubünden.

Guided tours are available for groups at all times upon request.

Lili Schwarz P +41 81 384 16 41
Walter Brunner P +41 81 384 22 29 or M +41 79 202 57 75

Art Gallery Lai

Art Gallery Lai

This is where fashion, sport and art simply go together well. The Pesko Gallery offers a special platform for their works to many Swiss but also international artists. 

Art Gallery Lai
Plaz da Posta
7078 Lenzerheide
P +41 81 385 10 14

Nivagl Castle

There is documentary evidence that Nivagl Castle dates back earlier than Belfort. It is unknown whether it is the original ancestral seat of the Free Lords of Vaz, or merely the seat of their advisors. The archaeological dig in 1980 brought many small finds to light and provided information about Nivagl’s construction and settlement history. The finds are exhibited in the Raetian Museum in Chur. In the extensive complex, the ruins are no longer visible above the ground.


Burgruine Belfort

Belfort Castle ruins

Today's idyllic site was a focal point of political, legal and economic organizations of the country in the period from 13th to14th Centuries and its walls were full of vibrant life. In front of the castle gate there extended one of the main connecting roads of the time. Almost 500 years ago the Castle Belfort was stormed and burned down in the run-up to the battle of Calven (1499). Following this event the imposing building disintegrated. Its restored ruins not only reminds one of the successful self-assertion of the confederation in the Swabian war, but they are also monuments to its builders, the Barons of Vaz, once one of the most powerful dynasties in Oberrätien.

Herb garden

In summer of 2012 the local museum of Vaz / Obervaz opened a new herb garden in the ruins of Belfort fortress in Brienz. Within the historic walls thrive spices, medicinal and aromatic plants which were probably in use in the Middle Ages. An informative brochure on the herb garden is available at the entrance to the castle.

> Herb garden museum of Vaz / Obervaz

Castles and historic buildings

Castles and historic buildings (pdf)


Churches (pdf)
Churche in Lain