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Lenzerheide Bergbahnen

Churwalden portal

Churwalden station and new Churwalden-Heidbüel 8-seater gondola lift

The railway manufacturer, Bartholet, from Flums (BMF), is developing the first 8-seater gondola lift designed by Porsche Design, together with Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG and Porsche Design Studio from Zell am See. The new lift will be the centrepiece of the planned station in Churwalden and will replace the outdated Churwalden - Heidbüel chair lift as of December 2015. This will allow guests to be transported to their skiing destination quickly, comfortably and in style. The name says it all: Even the prototype is setting hearts racing. The gondolas, designed by Porsche Design, masterfully combine technology with style, functionality and comfort.

Building will commence in April 2015. In order to ensure the surroundings are also appealing and the needs of the guests can be fully met, the plans for Churwalden station also include a new restaurant, sport shop with rentals, new tourist information centre and integration with ski schools.

The Churwalden – Heidbüel gondola lift shall include, shortly after the completion of the Arosa Lenzerheide ski resort merger, an additional flagship project. At the same time, the accessibility of the Churwalden station will be improved significantly by the addition of a new bus terminal and additional parking spaces.  Churwalden will thus become an important springboard for daily visitors.

> Media release: Gondelbahn mit Gondeln designed by Porsche Design (pdf)

Facts & Figures Churwalden gondola lift

railway type 8-seater gondola lift
Inclined length 1777,7 m
Difference in altitude 687 m
Travel speed 6 m/s
Travel time 4 min 56 sec
Capacity 1.800 persons per hour on both sides (final version 2.200)
Number of vehicles 42 / 57 gondolas at 8 persons
Parking Mountain station Heidbüel
Engine Mountain station
Driving power 675 kW
Hoist cable 53 mm
Number of supports 12 supports
Railway manufacturer Bartholet Maschinenbau AG
Gondoal design Porsche Design Studio
Electromechanical element Sisag AG
Engineer EWP
Portal architect Ritter Schumacher AG
Environmental construction supervision Hartmann & Monsch AG, F. Knüsel
Investment amount circa 14,2 Mio. CHF