Weather dwarfs from Heidbüel

Mountain experience Heidbüel

High up in the forests of Heidbüel lives a little special folk. It is called the «weather dwarfs from Heidbüel».

In the summer of 2016 an adventure for families with children, hikers and nature lovers arises. New barbeque areas with places to stay and play elements very close to the weather dwarfs will be realized. In addition, the Heidbüel circular route is activated, where there will be a lot to discover. Enriched will be the overall experience with stunning panoramic views over the Rhine Valley.

Watch the development of the project!

Tip: You can reach Heidbüel comfortably by the new panoramic cable car Heidbüel from Churwalden. The barbecue areas around Heidbüel are already built and can be used.

Picture gallery to the emergence

Track the progress and the emergence of the mountain experience Heidbüel in our gallery.