Lenzerheide Bergbahnen

Obertor chair lift / East - West connection

It was given the go-ahead in mid-January: In Summer 2015, Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG are building the new 4-seater Obertor chair lift in Parpan in order to connect both sides of the valley. The new lift will optimise the existing facilities significantly: Treks via the canton road and long journeys on the Sportbus to the other side of the valley will no longer be necessary, as the complete snowsports experience will be available from Piz Scalottas to the Weisshorn in Arosa. And finally, guests from Arosa can also take a trip to the sunny slopes of Stätzerhorn and Scalottas, as the path will be easy, obvious and convenient.

This project has been debated extensively in the past, first the location, before the debate turned to the implementation of the plans. For a long time it was undecided whether the valley should be connected by a bridge over the canton road or by a chair lift. Environmental associations supported the bridge idea, the parish supported the chair lift and the residents worried about increasing numbers of visitors. In numerous discussions with environmental associations and private protesters, Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG was able to improve the project, remove obstacles standing in the way and create trust.

The Federal Office for Transport's decision in clear support of the project was subsequently not surprising. Thomas Hunziker, CEO of Lenzerheide Bergbahnen AG, is pleased: «We've waited a long time for this moment. Thanks to the new lift, our guests will soon be able to conveniently travel in both directions and quickly hop over to the other side of the valley. I'm convinced that this is the best solution for our guests, for us and for our valley.»

> Media release: Grünes Licht für die Ost-West Verbindung (pdf)

Facts & Figures Obertor chair lift

Railway type 4-seater fixed-grip chair lift
Horizontal length 581,80 m
Difference in altitude 4,90 m
Travel speed 2.6 m/s
Travel time 3 min 36 sec
Capacity 800 persons per hour on both sides (final version 1.200)
Number of vehicles 27 / 38 chair lifts at 4 persons
Hoist cable 34 mm
Driving power 35,7 kW
Railway manufacturer Bartholet Maschinenbau AG
Electromechanical element Sisag AG
Engineer Gudenraht AG
Evironmental construction supervision Hartmann & Monsch AG, F. Knüsel
Investment amount circa 3 Mio. CHF