Lenzerheide Bike Park, Switzerland

5 freeride trails in the bike park

During the summers of 2013 and 2014, the Lenzerheide Bike Park was built between the Scharmoin middle station and the Rothorn valley station, with the aim of offering all bikers a varied playground, from beginner to professional pilots.

Five freeride trails with different levels of difficulty and character await you - from the simple FLOWline, through the medium PRIMEline and SHOREline, to the black STYLEline and the black World Cup line STRAIGHTline. The routes are constantly maintained, expanded with new elements and can be combined at will.

Overview - the 5 freeride trails

From the flow to the very difficult world cup line - five different trails are waiting for you!


1 easy / blue


2 medium / red


3 difficult / black


4 difficult / black


No. 5 medium / red

Skill Centre

The learner course at the Rothorn valley station offers for all riders, whether beginner or advanced bikers the right terrain to hone their technique. The Skill Centre is divided into the zones family area, pump track, slopestyle and dirt jumps and constructed that each rider can practice his/her skills accordingly. The Skill Centre is open to all bikers free of charge.

Opening hours & rates

OPENING HOURS BIKE PARK Operation / Feast Day Time
20 / 21 May 2017 weekend operation 08.30 am  - 04.00 pm
25 until 28 May 2017 / 3 until 5 June 2017 Ascension / Whitsuntide 08.30 am  - 04.00 pm
10 & 11 June 2017 weekend operation 08.30 am  - 04.00 pm
15 until 18 June 2017 Corpus Christi 08.30 am  - 04.00 pm
24 June until 22 October 2017 daily operation 08.30 am  - 04.50 pm
28 October until 26 November 2017 weekend operation 08.30 am  - 04.00 pm
1 November 2017 All Saints' Day 08.30 am  - 04.00 pm


Rates Adults Children until 15 years
Day ticket Lenzerheide CHF 45.00 CHF 19.00
Day ticket Arosa Lenzerheide CHF 56.00 CHF 24.00
Day ticket Arosa Lenzerheide and Chur CHF 69.00 CHF 32.00
Season card Arosa Lenzerheide CHF 310.00 CHF 155.00
Season card Arosa Lenzerheide and Chur CHF 450.00 CHF 225.00
Gravity Card (valid in 16 bike parks) EUR 439.00 EUR 208.00

Further operating hours and rates of Lenzerheide, Arosa and Chur mountain railways can be found here.

Gravity Card 

As first Swiss bike park, the Lenzerheide Bike Park is a member of the Gravity Card since summer 2015.​

The Gravity card quickly pays off for frequent riders and is soon «purely biked» back again. With the card the bikers have free entry to the best parks in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia and Slovenia.


Freeride code of conduct 

  1. Adjust the speed to your ability and the difficulty of the trails. You should be able to stop all times on sight. Keep to the side of the riding lanes. Vacate the riding lanes immediately in case of a fall.
  2. Helmet and gloves are mandatory. We recommend integral helmets and protective gear. Ride only with bikes fit for freeride trails.
  3. Heed to the signals and instructions of the mountain railway personnel. General mountain bike regulations and traffic regulations apply also to freeride trails.
  4. If you need help, contact emergency phone 144 and report the line number and section-spelling.
  5. Use freeride trails at your own risk. The operator of the installation, land owners and administrators disclaim all liability.
  6. Unfortunately, we can no longer transport your bike in case of failure to comply with rules and regulations.
Saturday, 28 October 2017

Roadgap Session

Shredding the Red Bull Wavegap

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Operating hours & tarifs

Here you find the operating hours and tarifs of Lenzerheide, Arosa and Chur mountain railways.
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