Iis Paradiis show in Lenzerheide

Simply magical

Lenzerheide ice paradise «iis Paradiis»

This winter, the sports field Lenzerheide turns into the «Lenzerheidner iis Paradiis» for the second time. Where once there was the large natural ice rink, there is now an atmospheric field of experience in the middle of the village center of Lenzerheide. In the middle of it all there is the approximately 270-meter ice track «Heidi’s Skateway to Love» , where young and old dive into the wintry ice landscape. Especially in the evening, when the stars are in the dark night sky and the «Lenzerheidner iis Paradiis» shines magically, the ice rink invites you to enjoy ice skating.

The little offspring Prima ballerinas and figure skaters meanwhile make their first turns on the smooth ice in the  «Famigros Ice World» . With the special children's carousel, the first laps will not be difficult. In addition, of course, the popular hockey rink for private hockey games and the separate curling rink should not be missed.

Heidi's Skateway to Love 

Experience the romantic ice rink in the heart of Lenzerheide up close. Float over the ice with your loved one and be inspired by the unique atmosphere. Fairy lights along the 270-meter rink provide a warm atmosphere and accompany you on your way through the Skateway to Love.

Famigros Ice World 

Ice penguins, ice pandas and a merry-go-round in the middle of the ice rink make children's eyes sparkle. While the kids play on the ice rink, mum and dad gulp culinary treats in the catering area or treat themselves with a cup of mulled wine on the cozy sun terrace. And who knows, maybe the Globi will make his rounds on the ice.

Bavarian curling rink 

Bavarian curling is the perfect group activity for companies, best friends or families. Eight people compete against each other in two groups and then you end the day in the cozy catering area.

Bavarian curling can be played without prior knowledge and also lets non-athletes become true professionals.

We look forward to your reservation on P +41 81 384 11 40 or P +41 79 349 41 95 or iisparadiis@lenzerheide.com

Ice Hockey rink 

Young or old. On the ice hockey rink, all ice hockey fans meet. The small Pond-Hockey goals ensure that the skills are in the foreground. Armed only with a helmet, gloves, hockey stick and soft puck, you go to the ice and participate in the duel «2 against 2» where the winner is identified. Hockey action at the highest level is guaranteed.

Curling rink 

Our curling clubs have their own curling arena with three rinks available this year. Playing a curling tournament in this great atmosphere is a unique experience.

Curling Club Lenzerheide
P +41 81 384 42 55
M +41 79 431 13 85


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1. December 2017 to 4 March 2018


Mulled wine, punch, fondue & raclette

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Dancing, listening to music and ice skating
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Bavarian curling, "Heidi's Skateway to Love" & more
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